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Vistec bespoke Micro-Nutrient packages


Vistec are extremley unique in the fact that the Micro-Nutrient packages we offer are completely taylor-made for the specific needs of your particular treatment plant. We offer anaerobic and aerobic solutions.


Just like humans need vitamins and minerals, microscopic bugs need trace metal nutrients in order to optimise the environment in which they live. Unfortunately filaments thrive on nutrients and absorb them much better than larger lifeforms, leaving little left for the effective microscopic bacteria. By adding nutrient it improves the health of the bacteria, improves the health of the sludge and therefore decreases the amount of filaments and other unwanted bacteria.

Trace Nutrients

This table shows the types of trace metal and nutrients which are essential in anaerobic and aerobic treatment. Vistec would visit the site and have complimentary analysis work done on the particular sludge in order to determine which nutrients are lacking in the system. The nutrient is manufactured in Scotland in 1000 litre IBC's and then transported direct to site. The product works much more effectively if it is dosed in on a constant basis. The beauty of our micronutrient is you can water it down to meet the correct dose rate and to make the product last longer, we generally go on the basis of 1 litre of neat product per Kg of COD, per day. In the past our micro-nutrient has improved an anaerobic lagoons COD removal from 50% to 70% within just 3 months. We have also had excellent results in reducing filamentous foaming.


Reduces Filament growth

Helps create a healthier environment for microscopic life

Reduces Nocardial foaming

Stabalises dissolved oxygen levels

Nocardial filaments are by far and away the most well known nuisance filament, they cause bulking and foaming and in turn can have a huge adverse effect on the final effluent quality. Not only is it detrimental to the environment in the sludge but it also effects Settlement which has a terrible effect on the Clarifiers.


Nocardial foam causes a thick layer to appear on the surface of the aeration basin and therefore has a huge effect on the levels of dissolved oxygen in the treatment plant

Micro-nutrient is not only useful in Aerobic conditions, it is also extremely effective in Anaerobic lagoons. Similarly to aerobic treatment it improves the environment in which the anaerobic bacteria live and therefore improves their ability to remove COD, this in turn increases Biogas production which is essential in this day and age of renewable energy processes.



In order to monitor product effectiveness Vistec would request access to Daily results and tests. We keep this information totally confidential and consider it vital to gain a positive outcome


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  • Improve COD reduction
  • Increase Biogas production
  • Improve Ammonia reduction
  • Help reach discharge consents
  • Hydrogen Sulphide removal
  • Microscopic Analysis experts
  • Reduce filamentous bulking & foaming
  • Odor control

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Environment Agency

Vistec are happy to act as a professional adviser in any contact with local authorities or the Environment Agency. Often at times when communication can be difficult due to breach of consent, having an independent advisor who are experts in effluent treatment can structure conversations and provide comfort for both parties.