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Vistec have proudly built the business around its bespoke nutrient packages. Each customer has its own special requirements and therefore has its own unique Taylor-Made micro-nutrient. We see this as being much more beneficial than standard nutrient products on the market which do not target specific areas of improvement in the sludge, where there is a deficiency.

Ammonia Removal

Recently Vistec helped 2 of its potato customers with Ammonia removal. Both plants were close to breaching consent and within 3 weeks vistec had achieved full ammonia removal in the treatment process. This is through the introduction of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacters. Unfortunately Nitrifying bacteria are always the first to die off when a toxic shock occurs, they are also the last to come back, therefore we needed to give them a kick start. Through daily dosing BioRemove 5825 and by helping our customers with operating techniques, we acheived full removal at a low cost. The microscopic life form above is known as a Gasterotrichs, these particular Metazoa are extremely affective at Nitrifying and are always welcome when seen under the microscope.

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Vistec has access to numerous forms of augmentation products. These are either bacteria or enzyme based and help to optimise aerobic conditions, reduce FOGS and help reach COD, Ammonia and TSS consent limits.

Our bioaugmentation products come in powder or liquid form and need to be rehydrated with water and aerated before dosing into the treatment plant.


The augmenting bacteria can be dosed on a regular basis or just used as a back-up when the plant is having significant operating issues.

Vistec are the UK's distributor for Novozymes augmenting bacteria products. We have access to a range of products including odor control, ammonia removal, general plant performance, COD removal, foaming and bulking.



  • Improve COD reduction
  • Increase Biogas production
  • Improve Ammonia reduction
  • Help reach discharge consents
  • Hydrogen Sulphide removal
  • Microscopic Analysis experts
  • Reduce filamentous bulking & foaming
  • Odor control

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Environment Agency

Vistec are happy to act as a professional adviser in any contact with local authorities or the Environment Agency. Often at times when communication can be difficult due to breach of consent, having an independent advisor who are experts in effluent treatment can structure conversations and provide comfort for both parties.