Visionery Technology Ltd

Visionery Technology Ltd


Environmental Solutions


Vistec work alongside water treatment plant operators in order to improve operations and final effluent quality. Our range of products vary from Bespoke Nutrient Packages to Speciality Bioaugmentation products which are essential for use both in aerobic and anaerobic treatment plants

Taytech Partnership









Vistec also work closely with Scottish based environmental solutions company Taytech, removing hydrogen sulphide and odour compounds from sludge and aqueous systems.




The Vistec Ethos


Since Keith Adams started the business over 10 years ago, Vistec have always taken the same approach.

We do not charge for our time or consultancy, we only charge for our products. We offer full support with our products including regular visits, site reports and data analysis.


Free free to contact Nick Gaskell

Tel: 07889 168635

Vistec offer free consultancy visits for any water treatment plants with operating issues, there is no charge for our time or services.



  • Improve COD reduction
  • Increase Biogas production
  • Improve Ammonia reduction
  • Help reach discharge consents
  • Hydrogen Sulphide removal
  • Microscopic Analysis experts
  • Reduce filamentous bulking & foaming
  • Odor control

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Environment Agency

Vistec are happy to act as a professional adviser in any contact with local authorities or the Environment Agency. Often at times when communication can be difficult due to breach of consent, having an independent advisor who are experts in effluent treatment can structure conversations and provide comfort for both parties.