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Case Studies


The following case studies are actual plant performance improvement programmes which Vistec have implemented through the use of Bio-Augmentation products. See also the product list on the Augmentation page for case studies carried out by the manufacturer Novozymes themselves


Micro-Nutrient is also constantly dosed at all our customers sites which improves treatment.


Bio-Remove 5100

General plant performance improvement


Bio-Remove 4200

Specifically formulated for plants with high levels of FOGS


Bio-Remove 3200

Patented Liquid Enzymes bio-degrade FOGS


Bio-Remove 5825

Adds Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacters to remove Ammonia and improve/kickstart Nitrification


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  • Improve COD reduction
  • Increase Biogas production
  • Improve Ammonia reduction
  • Help reach discharge consents
  • Hydrogen Sulphide removal
  • Microscopic Analysis experts
  • Reduce filamentous bulking & foaming
  • Odor control

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Environment Agency

Vistec are happy to act as a professional adviser in any contact with local authorities or the Environment Agency. Often at times when communication can be difficult due to breach of consent, having an independent advisor who are experts in effluent treatment can structure conversations and provide comfort for both parties.