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Potato Processor

15 years with major Potato processor


For over 15 years Vistec have worked closely with the largest Potato processing company in the world. We currently provide products and services for 3 of their sites in the UK.

We have carried out a range of successful trials and augmentation programs over the years, all of which can be viewed in our CASE STUDY section. These have ranged from improved COD removal, reduced solids in final effluent and improved removal of Ammonia Nitrogen.

We consider f/m ratio to be an extremely important figure when it comes to monitoring daily plant results, we have over the years helped the 3 plants to sustain a healthy f/m ratio in turn maintaining ideal SVI, SSVI and Volatile solids.


Managing director Keith Adams started Vistec in 1999 when he discovered the huge benefits of Micro-Nutrient in Aerobic and Anaerobic treatment. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester UMIST and has worked in the water treatment industry for 20 years. Keith previously worked for a company called Gamlen before founding Odor Control Company MUSOL which he and his business partner Michael Taylor sold in 2005.


The company is mainly operated by Business Development Manager Nick Gaskell, he has a degree in Business Management from the University of East Anglia, since finishing 7 years ago he has been training vigourously in the Water Treatment sector, he has an extreme passion for Microscopic Species in Activated Sludge.


In order to monitor product effectiveness, Vistec would request access to daily results and testing. We keep this information 100% confidential and consider it vital to gain positive outcomes.


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Other Customers

Vistec also currently work with the following types of processors to help improve performance


We also work closely with Beetroot processors. COD levels can be high due to the high content of vinegar in the packing process, beetroot effluent is also unique because it dyes the colour of the effluent which also needs to be removed before discharge




Vistec have also helped a malt processor reduce the amount of filaments in their Activated sludge towers, therefore improving efficiency and output.




We are currently working with a large paper manufacturer who mainly produce sanitary goods, they have been having issues with removing hydrogen sulphide in solution, before dewatering




We are also currently assisting the UK's largest Sugar manufacturer, they have been having filamentous foaming issues in their activated sludge





  • Improve COD reduction
  • Increase Biogas production
  • Improve Ammonia reduction
  • Help reach discharge consents
  • Hydrogen Sulphide removal
  • Microscopic Analysis experts
  • Reduce filamentous bulking & foaming
  • Odor control

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Environment Agency

Vistec are happy to act as a professional adviser in any contact with local authorities or the Environment Agency. Often at times when communication can be difficult due to breach of consent, having an independent advisor who are experts in effluent treatment can structure conversations and provide comfort for both parties.